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Hi, Once again i would appreciate some advice on laying a new lawn.  We have cleared our lawn of rubble now that the builders have gone  my poor lawn is now in a very poor state.  We now want to lay a new lawn but firstly we would like to increase the level of the lawn by 4"-6" using good top soil and turf.  My question is, do we put top soil straight on top of the old lawn and then lay new turf or do we need to do any prep work prior to putting top soil down.  

Hiya pennymax

I would dig over the soil ideally but it's not necessary.  Kill,off existing grass, weeds etc with weedkiller then loosen/ break up the soil and level it.  Get good quality top soil and level that too.  Then turf or seed.....I prefer seed because you can better choose what sort of grass you want and it's lot cheaper.  Keep moist for the summer


Hi pennymax-remember you made need to increase the height of the edging round your lawn too if you're raising it that amount. 


grate stuff i to seem to have a realy terrible lawn laid on to ruble not very big and im tempted to kill it of top soil then seed,would it be better to seed later in the year as in cooler times and take longer to prep the area. 



Absolutely right Digger45 - spend plenty of time preparing your seedbed, and sow your lawn in mid September - the soil will still be warm enough for the seed to germinate well, but the weather will be damper so not too much watering will be needed.  And by the time you want to play/lay on the lawn next year, you'll have a well-established greensward you can be proud of 

I have a foot path, raised about 2-3 inches all round my lawn . How can I bring the lawn to the same level as the path?

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