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There are a few problems with my plants, please help me recognize them and tell me how to solve the problems. Thanks.

1) There are a lot of small insects on my rose bush leaves.

 2) Planted Chisya Goldfingers Limo a couple weeks ago, but there are some brown spots on some of the leaves.

 3) Again, planted Clematis orientalis a couple weeks ago, some leaves have got some brown spots as well.

Alina W

The rose has aphids, or greenfly (which can be green, pink, black or white). They will breed very rapidly. They suck the sap out of the leaves, thus making them distorted and weakening the bush.

Control - in an ideal world, birds and ladybirds. Otherwise, there are many bug sprays available at the garden centre, or you can make a very weak solution of soapy water, put into a sprayer and spray them off with that.

Can't see the spots on the other photos clearly enough to comment, sorry.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the photos. Can you see a bit more clearly this time?


Alina W

Thanks for the new pictures. Since you say that you planted both plants only a couple of weeks ago, you may just be seeing the effects of the plants coming out of a nursery situation into the cold cruel world - I don't think it's a disease. Keep an eye on them over the next few weeks - you may lose these leaves, but as long as you get new, healthy ones it shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestion and hopefully my plants will better soon. I don't want to lost my confident as a new gardener.

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