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Just been putting supports around my oriental lilies and noticed several red beetles on the leavesI I guess this is lily beetle but what do I do with it?


Funnily enough they are called Red lily beetles and the little buggers will chew your lilies into nothing, i use a pair of pliers to squish them, check every day as they appear from nowhere.


They are always in twos, not always on same plant..kill em..kill em, I hate the little blighters. Have a scan thro' the forum we have all sorts of methods of despatch.


squish and stamp. i just dispatched about 6 an hour ago, and a few snails and slugs to go with it. Strangely enough, i have not seen any of  the humongous slugs we had last year.


Thank you all for the fast response. I had a feeling they were bad news.

The potty gardener

Also look on leaves for their eggs. They will be covered in brown- get rid of the eggs as well as beetles

Sara 4

I was told that they live in the soil and originally got imported with the bulbs.  Ever since then I've discarded any medium accompanying new lily bulbs  and haven't had any new lily bugs where I've planted them.  Have done lots of squishing on the old ones though ...

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