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I have a 2 year old redcurrant bush growing in a large pot. It has never flowered or fruited although seems to be vigourous and healthy.

I only have a large paved courtyard so I cannot plant it in open ground. 

What can I do?


I think it may be too dry at crucial times.  And do you feed it?  Everything grown in pots needs to be well fed regularly.  I would give fish blood and bone in the spring. Then mulch with compost or manure.  Then tomato feed, or seaweed feed, at least once a fortnight.  Finally another fish blood n bond in autumn

flowering rose

ou will need to prune it the correct manner each year if you want a crop and water and feed it,for the first couple of years it will not produce much but after that...I think you (may need to check) that the red currant flowers on the old wood.

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