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I was given a red filbert shrub earlier this year, it was OK up until about a month ago when I noticed the leaves were no longer a deep dark red.   They changed to a light amber, is this OK or do I need to feed it anything.  It has produced a few filberts but don't know when to harvest them or what to do with them after harvest.


I imagine the colour change with the leaves is due to autumn and nothing to worry about.

Pick the nuts when the husks are hard, and dry them somewhere warm-ish, sunny windowsill or the like.  Eat by the end of Christmas.

Thanks for the advice but the colour changed in August, so do you think it is still OK, will the colour come back proplerly next year ?.



Do not feed your filbert; it is pointless and wasteful to feed any plant that sheds its leaves in Autumn at this time of year.

If the filberts are ripe I would pick them before the squirrels find them.


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