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Hello Everyone, I planted Red Onions from Sets at the end of March. Although they are well established, I have noticed a bud forming at the end of some stems. I am not sure if they are ready for pulling, as I have not gone below the soil to see how big they are. I planted Yellow Onions & Shallots at the same time, but there has been nothing forming on them so far. Is there anyone who can give some advice?  Thanks


Flower stem?-remove it you do not want it wasting energy by flowering and producing seed.

There have been a lot of reports about this- its due mostly to the topsy-turvy weather

Sounds like they are starting to flower. Have had the same problem myself. Use them first as they dont keep. Its all down to the weather.

Excitable Boy

About half of my red onions have now bolted - and soime of my shallots as well, which has never happened before!


Jacqueline  Stevens
Mine did the same pulled them up and used them as lager springs

Thanks for all your help everyone, sounds like I'm not on my own. I will remove all the onions that have started to bud - there are only about 6 at the moment.

Excitable Boy

Bob, just remove the flower stalk and  let them grow on until you need them, but remember to use them first come harvest time.

Thanks for your advice. I will remove the buds, but leave the rest in place.

likewise - I just nip off the buds as soon as I see them developing - onions still growing well

Hi Angie, So far I have removed a single bud from 11 plants. I hope that that will be it, but with the current weather, I fear the rest are at risk.

I have never grown onions of any sort and have only just found that I should have taken the flower off but can and should the whole onion be covered in  anyone tell me should the whole stem be taken off too and the growing onion be covered in soil or scrape the soil away 

thankfully beans are flowering and potatoes also.


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