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How do you look back to old threads and can we post pics on this forum?


You can post pics by clicking on the green oak tree on the right of the smiley on the bar above where you write. But if you have an ipad or something that isn't a laptop then I don't know. The oak tree will guide you but you may have to wait a bit for each stage.

We have a standard Red Robin, it was initially in a pot, but over the winter it really had bad spots etc on the leaves, so in the spring we put it in the ground. But about 4 weeks ago it started shedding its leaves, and now it looks pathetic, hardly any leaves left at all and no new news growing, the redness is even dissappearing .... please can any one tell me what to do. Could it have something wrong at the roots.

My mature Photinia Red Robin Tree was blown over in the recent strong winds. It was approx 13ft high & is now ripped at the roots & lying over to one side. The leaves are dying off by the day & I don't know what to do for the best. I have grown this beautiful tree from about 1ft high & am devastated. Any suggestions on how to save it? Lynne

Hiya foxy

Few replies on another thread 



Foxy, there were several replies to your question on the thread you started. If there hasn't been any more advice then I expect it's because other posters don't know the answer. I would prune it fairly hard and re-plant it and hope for the best. If it works you will have a shrub, but I'm afraid it may not be the same as before, you say "tree", it would be bushier I expect. 

My reply was ....on other start again.  I really don't think it will regrow and you will have to put up with an ever worsening dying plant.  Plant again with something else and enjoy it

My Sundance grew to just over 6ft but the wind
broke it this year and I had to cut it back to 1ft.
It grows back again, the last time I had to
cut back was due to the heavy snow breaking
it. I should have brushed the snow off quicker!
How about abelia grandiflora as an alternative ? It grows
to about 5ft and is evergreen with small
white flowers. Also has arching branches which
may not suit.

Hi , 

i have had a red robin tree planted in my garden for about 9 years , its about 15ft tall 

up untill about two years ago its look healthy, but the last year or so its gone thin and sparse with not so many leaves . we do love the tree .

thanks adrian

Duncan Blackwell
How long should they take to grow into a decent size? I have 10 which I planted nearly 2 years ago and they seem to be taking forever. They have flowers (if that's what you can call them) on them at the moment but I need to move them to plant a decent hedge (long story)

Duncan give it a good hack back. It will stimulate growth. Don't let it waste energy flowering.

My red robin has a good number of the leaves turning black, and are crispy as if they have been burnt, when you touch them they just crumble in your fingers, its been in the border about 3 years. 

Can anyone offer any advice ?

I have a Red Robin. Been in the garden for years. But now seems to have died. The leaves have dried up. Scraped the trunk and is still showing green. What do I have to do to get the scrub up and running again. And any idea why it has done this.  


It sounds as though it's dead or dying. I don't know why. Drowning has been responsible for some deaths this last winter, I've had some otherwise unexplained losses.

I doubt if it can be revived. Green under the bark isn't proof of life, only that there was life until recently.



Photinia does seem to suddenly give up and die.  

Its such a naturaly leggy shrub that it mostly looks less than perfect.  I now have just 2.....Pink Marble amd Little Red robin .....and both are pruned regularly to try amd keep compact. 


I've recently  moved to a newly built house 8 months ago... and in my garden i have Photinia Red Robin plants (2- 3 ft) to perform an hedge in the not to distant future. Could anyone tell me why the leaves have not turned red yet ? or are they just to young ? Sorry new to the garding game.


Hi Tom

I thought they started red then turned greener later but I haven't got one, just seen them around.

If you don't get an answer on this thread start a new one. Those who know may not return to an old thread


That's right. The new leaves are red, then later, now, they are green.

I have a red robin and the main stem as been broken of with the snow at the base what is the best thing to get some regrowth from the base.or am a best to replace.