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i have a standard red robin in a pot,it looks like something is eating it. Also the leaves are turning brown ,i have been to a garden centre, they said it was drought that was the problem and to feed and water regularly, i have done this for a few weeks but it looks worse .Can anybody help please.


You say it looks like something is eating it, is this damage to the leaves or bark?

Can you post a photo of the damage?

hi Kate,  the damage is to the leaves, also a lot of the leafs have gone .The damage to the leafs seems from the outside in and curling up at the edge.


I know that it is in a pot but I would want to look at the roots. Damage to both the roots and leaves could be vine weevil???

thanks kate, i will have a look at the roots and send you a photo


Kate, these are photos of red robin,



Milly I am stumped, no sign of pests?? were the roots ok? Sorry.

seemed to be ok, i went to another garden centre and they did not think it was vine weevil as the soil around the roots was firm.It is a mystery.......thanks anyway.

Hi Milly,

I have what looks to be a similar issue. I have two Red Robins, 1.5M apart, one is looking dreadful:

 The top of one particular branch looks awful:

 The other one, 1.5M away doesn't look too bad, odd bit of black spot or rust maybe, but not too bad:

 I've not yet worked out what it is, tried a vine weevil treatment just in case, not making any difference.

Hi giles Buist, i am going to a gardener from the Botanic Gardens, with the leaves to see if he knows what the problem is. I will let you know the outcome.

I have a red robin plant it has delighted us for twelve months but now the leaves have turned brown with black spots. The stems of the plant are still alive Any answers.

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