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I would like to reduce the size of a large block paved patio in my garden and would like to lay turf instead. I have removed a small section, and the blocks are on a bed of sharp sand and scalpings. Could i get by with just removing some of the sharp sand and then putting a layer of  top soil and turf. Would this be ok

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HURRAH!at last someone has seen sense in this awful craving for gravel,grit and paving.I can understand if you have a very small front garden or a car to put in the drive but lately all front but a lot of the gardens big or small have been taken over by this lazy mans crazy for not mowing a lawn .Who wants unnatural material that's lifeless ,grass is alive and gives life to wildlife and you.Re- move the sharp sand and put the top soil on,that's my opinion .good luck and enjoy your lawn.


I'd mix the soil with the sand but I don't know what scalpings are. If it's something that improves drainage it could be good.

Hi, it appears the scalpings are a mixture of stone and clay and form a hard sub base below the sharp sand, and are about 3 inches thick. I intend to lay the turf on 4 inches of topsoil.


Drainage may be a problem-4 inches of soil-not even a spade's depth-then a hard sub-base where will the water go?-and you will be watering the turf??

My guess is you will need to do a bit more excavating



Better get some of that back ache rub in stock before you satrt.


I have a feeling that 'scalpings' come from when a road is being re-surfaced; they scrape off a layer of Tarmac first and this is the scalping. Though I may be wrong.

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