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I have had an Xmas tree the last few years growing outside in a pot, each year coming in for a few days over the festive period.

Back in June when the first batch of heavy rain came down, several days later I noticed the top of the pot was just flooded in water.

A couple of holes later it drained away, but over the next couple of months it shead its needles which have never come back.

Will they come back? Been five months now, so not sure if a new season will revive the tree.

Any help appreciated.


If it has no needles now-5 months on-it has probably gone to Christmas tree heaven

Does it look dead?

Keeping in a pot for 5 years means it was just full of roots and effectively drowned.

flowering rose

dont give up,I have a second Christmas tree I rescued and it loses its pine needles each year and renews them in the spring,let it dry out and then feed it in spring and water regurlary (if not bucketing down) and make sure drainage is OK.

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