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I have been advised that spraying my brassicas with salt water will rid them of pests. I this correct and if so, how strong should the solution be? Can you advise please or come up with successful tried and tested remedies? Thank you. 

What pests did you have in mind Valerie?


I wash all my brassicas in salty water before cooking, to make all the caterpillars float to surface.

If you use salt on them while they are still in the ground, you will probably kill the plant.

 If you can see caterpillars, pick them off. netting against the butterflies is the only way you will keep them free of caterpillars , unless you want to use a chemical spray. (Provado fruit and veg spray)

My brassicas have been eaten to bits this year. I used collars but everything went down hill in August . Plan to use netting next year what about fleece? do you just lay it over the plants. My sprouts are looking good I've cut off badly infected leaves. Good idea or not?



Sprouts shouldn't need fleece. They like it cold,the flavour improves after frost.

I use netting for pigeons year round, but the butterflies wriggle through the netting. If you cut off any tatty leaves, give a high nitrogen feed , they will produce more good leaves.

 You have to use fine mesh to keep butterflies off.

Thank you for that -really help cheers fidget onesfidget ones

Sorry about that spelling the I pad does strange things that I can't always control. Sincere apologies. 



My kindle does the same thing. Its supposed to save time. I spend more time correcting than typing.

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