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Heres the plan put some soil on the grass then build the rocks around in the pattern i want, then fill in with soil  and then pile some more rocks on top and then more soil and then more rocks.

or Should i put something on the grass first like bin bags?



If only it was that simple!  I'm afraid your plan will have your rockery plants despairing in a year or two.  take your time and do it properly.  First you have to get rid of the grass and any perennial weeds by keeping out the light (bin bags will do if you weigh them down with your rocks.  Meanwhile, decide on your design.  Do you want a scree with little outcrops of rocks. or what looks like the side of a mountain or something in between?  Then mix yourself a great heap of well drained filling-mostly horticultural grit as rock plants do not like to sit in water and the rain must drain immediately or they will rot.  The rocks must not just sit on top of your base but be bedded in.  

 The rocks must not just sit on top of your base but be bedded in.  ????

Do you mean a layer of soil then the out lining of rocks followed by more in fill of soil and more rocks the another in fill and more rocks etc untill i have the height and shape


Your rocks will have strata which will give you an idea how to position them like they were in the wild.  I would build the "mountain" first and the dig into it to place a rock.  

Right i see a mountian of soil then bed the rocks in where i want them.

sorry it has been a long day

Thank you



There are lots of books on how to build a rockery - either from the library or secondhand very cheaply from the net.  They used to be all the range in Victorian times.  My alpine plants go into my scree garden which is slate on top of well drained soil with a few outcrops of rocks for sun roses(helianthemums), saxifrages etc.  I built it myself when I was over 80 so no mountains for me.  But I did watch a large rockery (the Meiterranean Bank) being built at the Bristol Bot. Garden where I am a volunteer gardener and that is how it was the professional gardeners.  They had mechanical dogger to help.


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