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Is it possible to train a climbing rose (New Dawn specifically) into a free standing arch ? Much like an apple arch/tunnel? Perhaps a better question would be how old can a rose cane get before it stops producing flowering buds? If you trained a main frame (eg an arch), could you keep deadheading/cutting back to the old frame? Or would it stop flowering? Hope this makes sense to someone on here

Where I grew up as a child we had a New Dawn trained over a rustic arch. By the time we moved the arch had almost disintegrated and it was more a case of the rose holding it up than vice versa

Sounds exactly like i imagined. wood doesnt last forever and those cheap metal tube arches are worthless, hence the idea of a self supporting arch. thanks for the push buttercup (i keep toying with the idea but then get put off incase ... xyz. Heres hoping !!)


Sounds lovely - I've got a New Dawn on a fence.
No reason why you can't train it over an arch - you'll need 1 either side. Just a matter of keeping on top of the pruning a couple of times a year. 

A wide-ish arch is a good idea with roses if possible, to keep away from the prickles

Initially i would put up a wooden arch way to train it to but eventually the Wood will rot away, im hoping that the rose would, by then, support it self and be free standing



I done exactly that with a star jasmine.

It works fine, but there are bits of the old frame entangled here and there.

Thanks pete :) time to get planting


Go for it! It'll look cracking - just keep on top of the pruning.

I can see it already - 

One can dream 


Don't want to be a pessimist ... but I don't think a climbing rose will ever be self-supporting enough to form an arch without support ... however, you may prove me wrong

I disagree with your opinion of 'cheap metal arches'...had ours 20 years, with a Frances Lester rose trained on it. It cost around a tenner from Homebase or B&Q! Still going strong.

I doubt any rose will form a self supporting arch but you can dream!

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