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anthony mcglen

hi there rose growers could someone please help me.

i have a climbing rose that i got this year it flowered at the begining of spring(look at post Rose in flower all ready) flowers were large i dead headed them when they faded but now it refuses to flower anymore i have fead the rose and it is growing well. p.s it is a climbing rose but i dont know its name

Hello anthony, that is a very happy healthy rose you have there. Some roses only flower nce a year, some flower for a long period over the summer and some have one big show followed by a few blooms now and then.

Your rose might give you a few more flowers later in the summer. Just wait and see. I don't know what variety it is, but the leaves look like a shrub rose. Don't worry, you  are doing a good job of lookng after it.

anthony mcglen

thankyou for your reply waterbutts i agree it does look happy.hope it flowers again

p.s my pic is the same rose

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