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BevG, that is rain damage, I can't see any sign of mildew, the foliage is healthy as well. Black spot DavidK has covered. Otherwise feed it and keep it watered in dry spells, and keep good air circulation around it as the fungal diseases that roses suffer from love stagnant air.


Hi Dave, thank you so much for your advice. It's such a shame as I have four different types of roses in my garden and I want them to look their best.

One of them hasn't bloomed as yet but there is a lot of dark green healthy foliage.

I will follow the advice I have received from everyone here and will look forward to healthy roses! In fact, I'll give it a few weeks and will hopefully have pictures of healthy looking roses to share with you all.

Bev, just wondering about something you said.  Did I pick you up correctly?  Something about watering every day?  It isn't necessary and it has been raining so much too.too much will do damage.  Some of the best gardeners never water at all apart from newly planted stuff.   And your rose is damaged by rain as others have said.


apart from the good advice already given, I'd suggest a good mulch around the base of well rotted garden compost / farmyard( or stable ) manure if you can. It breaks down , freeding the soil and the micro-organisms contained within it and also helps retain water in the soil and deters weeds at the same time.

As for slugs and snails on your hostas, encourage birds ,esp blackbirds and thrushes to feed on the ground by spreading suet bird treats and make your garden friendly for frogs and hedgehogs  who all love to eat slugs and snails.

Failing that, go out after dark with a torch, rubber gloves and a bucket.


Thank you all for the advice; its much appreciated. 

Yep, I've been watering daily because two of the four sets of roses are new, and the other two were planted for me by a gardening company in shade, but were struggling after two years to bloom at all so I moved them to the sunny side of the garden a couple of weeks ago.

The feed for the birds sounds good, but I have a German Shepherd who will eat everything like that given the chance. However, a friend of one has said she will have the slugs and snails for her chickens so looks like an excellent incentive to get out there with gloves and a bucket!


Bev, don't water daily, twice a week is fine for newly planted roses or those moved. Be guided by the weather only water when the soil is dry about 2 inches down other wise you will wash all the nutrients away and drown the roses.


Thanks Dave (and all!), will do.

Despite being a huge learning curve for me, I'm really enjoying my garden now. 


Hi Dave, that would be so kind of you. It would be of great help, especially to people like me who have never had experience of gardening before. Thank you


Hi David, many thanks!

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