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Can anyone tell me why alot of the flowers on my Nevada rose are very pale pink but in Spring and Autumn they are the true colour creamy yellow. Also I have the rose Agnes rose and this yr it flowered for the first time and they are the same pale pink

Climate, season, and soil can alter the color of a rose. This is true of many tea roses (I do not mean hybrid teas) and some of the heritage roses.

Mike Allen

Ah! I have been wondering how long it would be, before such a post as this arrived.  Fairly recently a similar question was asked on another forum.  Why have my lilies changed colour?  The simplest answer is, as our friend has stated.  Climate changes, soil changes etc.  Without venturing too deeply, the make uo of all living things, flora & fauna, and human.  What we are is recorded in our DNA.  This doesn't change on it's own accord.  That is why families, generations can be traced and linked together.  In recent years, scientists have found a way into this genetic world, and in many case they have, for better or worse altered the DNA.  For instance.  The DNA of fish provided a source by which tomatoe s could be induced to survive longer.   It was in fact a gene that in the fish maintanes the ability to survive under cold conditions, the fish of course being 'cold blooded'.  So now tomatoes will withstand colder temeratures and tend to last that bit longer.  Back to our Roses and Lilies.  To my day to day updated knowlege, no such DNA modifications have been made.  So we are left with, as our friend says. Climate change, soil and even chemical feeding.  This I consider is a vast subject.  We might take for instant.  The human race.  So much diversity in appearance etc, but.  The DNA will show that a North American Indian is as much a Homo-Sapien as the pale skinned Englisman so the the ablity of breeding enters the equation.  My friend. Yes I can understand your dilemma.  That white rose you bought, it's flowered true fo the past four years, now, it's pinkish white.  Trust me.  Under the microscope.  The DNA will tell the truth.  I hope tis helps.  Mike.


One of my container-grown roses changed to a much paler colour when I allowed self-seeded geraniums to grow in the container. I pulled them all out , top dressed it , gave it some fertiliser and the next flowers were the normal colour.


It's often temperature dependent with roses. 

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