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Jan Wright

I would like some help with black spot and aphids on my roses please.  I don't like to use insecticides, because of harming bees and other friendly garden insects, but I am forced to sometimes rather than watching the plant deteriorate after spending time, money and effort on the plant. Your advice would be most appreciated - Thank you


Black spot is impossible to erradicate. Every time a new fungicide is produced the fungus changes and becomes resistant. Best you can do is remove any infected leaves from the plant and the ground and destroy them and provide the best growing and soil conditions possible for your roses to keep them healthy. Aphids on the other hand are easily dealt nature. I collect spiders, ladybirds and larvae, damsel fly larvae and transfer them to the roses. A quick blast from a hose beforehand will reduce aphid numbers too. Blue tits love aphids so hang a bird feeder nearby.


And look on the bright side - black spot on roses is an indicator of good air quality 

Jan Wright

Oh thank you fellow gardeners (addict & Dovefromabove) for your help and advice about my problem roses.  I will be following you advice asap.  Thanks again!

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