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my daff bulbs are rotting in their pots, should I remove the top layer of compost to let them dry out?  or is it too late to save them?

Once the rot has started there is little you can do.

The bulbs will have been soaked through for the process to begin, and nothing will save them sorry to say.

If you have any other pots which are unaffected I'd move them to a more sheltered position and increase the drainage by getting the pots off the ground.

For next year add more croc's or polystyrene lumps to the bottom of the pot.

We won't really get a break from this rain for some time yet, so I'd save what you can for the time being. 


Tip them out and see if any bulbs are ok.  Those with rot should be ditched but any...and there may be some.....that look ok I would pot up again or plant out.  Just check them first 

thanks for your replies,  I have moved as many  pots as  I could into the greenhouse,  will dig the bulbs out and check them.  I had also planted up to raised beds thinking they would make a nice display -  should of just planted them in the garden, but never mind will know better for this year. 

seems I have lots to learn

Again thanks for everyones help

flowering rose

one make sure you have drainage and if not flowering and just showing shoots cover with something to keep rain off or remove to shed for awhile.



In future you need lots of drainage in the pots. Better luck next year. Soon you will be able to buy daffs in pots which are in flower. Cheat. Plant the new small pots  into your large one for a colourful display

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