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Posted this in the wrong spot i.e. Talkback; so here it is again!

Bindweed from a neighbouring garden has wrapped itself around my pampas grass - I've tried pulling the weed out but its difficult and very unkind to hands and takes forever; my vocabulary has however benefitted from the exercise.   Is Round up gel a good option?   I've not used Round up in any form and would appreciate your advice.

Many thanks,


It does work Pinkpeony but it does take a good few weeks to show any effect but useful if you have bindweed caught up in other plants.

Getting a little late to use glyphosate now....just couple more weeks.

Best way re your pampas grass is to allow it to grow quite long.....I would "train" it up a bamboo cane and twist it around.  Make sure this is outside pampas foliage.  Then spray with super strength glyphosate.  Easily available. Perhaps you could cut the foliage down now and gather the bindweed on top of plate, dish, anything non porous and spray it then.  Repeat it spring when any bindweed regrows


I think that when plants die back in autumn they draw any nutrients back into the roots, if you use glyphosate (gel or spray form) now it should still work.

Glyphosate is a hormone weedkiller.  It works when plants are growing well



RHS; 'Hormone weedkillers are foliar-acting and translocated, moving down into the weeds’ roots when applied to the foliage.'

Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide

RHS; 'The most effective time for spraying glyphosate is mid- to late summer when the weed has a large surface area.'

RHS link;

Fleurisa.  True.  But glyphosate has no affect in autumn when "plants die back"


Wow, Paula H, Verdun and Fleurisa - thank you for all the information.  I have decided to 'train' the bindweed (there's plenty of it) and then blitz with gel/spray.  My guess is that this will become a new hobby as I have discoverered more bindweed growing through other shrubs all in the same well established and fairly crowded area of the garden.  Only a couple of weeks 'off' and bindweed rules - will it ever go away??

Fleurisa, thanks too  for the  RHS link - I am a relatively new gardener so help and advice from this forum is always welcome.

Thanks again.

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