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Last year my Rowan tree shed its leaves in August and I put it down to the dry spring and soggy summer confusing it.

This year it has been turning brown since early July and has now shed most of its leaves.

It has been established growing in the lawn for something like 20 years or more.

What's going on?  Any ideas?


Is the ground dry/very wet (perhaps a high water table)? I have a few juvenile trees that suffered by the low rainfall until very recently, though I would have suspected that a 20+ year old tree would have roots deep enough to sail through.

`tis autumn me` dear and the Rowan (Mountain Ash) is deciduous - it looses its leaves ready for winter. The berries will remain for some time yet. Worry not, all will come back in spring


but it wasn't autumn when hazelnut posted

If it is any consolation our local Welsh trees have already shed their Rowan leaves and only the red berries remain on the branches I believe for the birds To eat over winter.  I hope this helps hazelnut.



This is an old thread Anne. The OP asked the question over three years ago, in August  2013 

Hopefully the tree recovered. Can't beat a rowan in autumn. Rowans up here have been laden with berries for a couple of months - even better than usual. 

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