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I have a 25 years old Rowan Tree in my garden.  I have just noticed some dark brown stick exudations (sap?) on its trunk.  I have searched the internet for an explanation but can find nothing that really helps.  Could somebody tell me please is this a natural occurrence for a Rowan Tree of this age in Spring or is it something I need to worry about?

Many thanks


Jim Macd

Sounds like a canker. If it is you need to cut it off.



Thanks everybody but I think to whole tree might be dead.  Wait an see what happens.  If it doesn't leaf up, I think the thing to do will be to take the smaller branches off and then plant something, ivy, clematis, honeysuckle or some such, at the base.  Probably in a large pot so the soil is new and disease free. 


I wouldn't use the wood of a diseased tree as a support for plants.


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Jim Macd

That's you told nut. 


Trouble with dead trees is they fall over eventually leaving the climber stranded.To say nothing of passing on their coral spot and other delights

I have a rowan that's looking rather sad, the leaves are turning yellow an have brown blotches on them, could this be canker?


Kathy, did you have a lot of rain over the winter?  Does your soil drain well?  Rowans hate waterlogged soil.  Doubt if it's canker unless you have sap oozing out, like Valderie's tree.

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