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We havve a two year old rhubarb plant which my husband cuts and cooks all summer. Does this sound right. i only thought it would be in the spring.


The usual advice is to stop pulling in mid-July (exactly when and will depend on the season) to give the plants a chance to gather strength for next year's crop. Also not to pull off all the stalks in any one section. I presume you know they need a lot of feeding: general fertiliser after cropping and a good mulch of compost or well-rotted manure over them in Jan/Feb.


FloBear  do i need to cut the rhubard right down before i cover with manure in Jan/Feb

and you said pulling does this meen dont cut just pull the storks when harvesting it


4711 (isn't that some sort of cologne?)  Stalks should be pulled right from ground level. If you hold it as low as you can and twist then it usually comes out cleanly. I don't know why it's done like this, probably the cut-off bits could get diseases or fungi or other troubles.

It's unlikely to need cutting down, the leaves and stalks will die off when the cold weather comes. For the first few years I had to mark where the plants were as there is nothing to be seen on the surface in Jan/Feb.



many thanks for the info mate  good luck

Rhubarb needs plenty of water and a good thick mulch and feed in the ring. Pull rhubarb not cut. It dies down,naturally,and when it does clean up around it and put down a mulch. Rhubarb has loved this wet summer, well mine has, and I am still picking,thick stalks but this weekend will be last pick..

Christopher, I did wonder whether to pick some more because mine took off big-time after I'd decided to stop. Still it will be in good fettle for next year!

If there are plenty of strong sticks then take some next day or so but leave most to die down naturally. Yes plants should end fit next year. My gooseberry bushes produced nothing this year but I have confidence next year will be very good

i have been given some small rhubarb and strawberry plants hows best way to  plant these plz



Not quite sure what you are asking- but anyway- strawberry plants about a foot or so apart with the crown at soil level

I will leave the rhubarb question to someone else

if i plant new plants(Rhubarb and Strawberry) now are they ok to be left in ground during winter or will i need to lift out ?


Oh now I get it-no- they are both completely hardy-in fact strawberries need a cold spell to induce flowering and fruiting

Get them in now, this minute,without further delay -make sure they don't run short of water until they are established

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