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My runner beans have been very healthy up until a few days ago when I noticed one of them with wilting leaves.  Today several of them are suffering the same.  They have been well watered.  Any suggestions?

Thank you. I have just checked and they have all been bitten off about 3 inches up from the soil.  I haven't noticed much slug activity this year. Would they cause this damage so high up from the ground?


That's a weird high up the plant.?  Slugs live just under the soil during the day so you wouldn't see them. They will come out at night.,put a few pellets just away from any surviving beans and see.  Maybe it isnt slugs either ? It's a strange one this is. Let us know Sue73 please. 

I have put down some slug pellets and protected the bases of the remaining beans with plastic bottles just incase it could be mice or something similar.  Will see what happens in the morning.


Mel M

I had two young runner beans snap off in high wind leaving around 3 inches of stem in the ground (bit lazy about tying in.) They re-grew with two stems. I tried cutting off the top of another bean when it was 3 foot high. This also re-grew with two stems. A bit like growing sweet peas I suppose.


Our slugs are trapeze artists. I wouldn't put anything past a slug. They slope around as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. Devious little devils.

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