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Help please.  We have recently very reluctantly been compelled to remove a large Poplar tree that grew very close to our home.  The roots were going under the foundations.  Now that the tree has been taken down, the stump is sending runner roots in all directions.  What can we do to kill the stump and the roots once and for all.  We are desperate and need urgent advice please.

Mielie Muncher


Alina W

The most effective way is to pay someone to use a stump grinder on it.

A cheaper alternative is to apply SBK Brushwood and Tree Stump Killer, which you will find in your garden centre or local large DIY store. Follow the instructions on the box.

Thanks a stack.  I'll try the SBK first.

SBK is very good but it does take time to kill the stump,best to drill a deep hole in the top of the stump and fill it with SBK ,then use melted candle wax to seal the hole.


And if the roots were very extensive lift the inspection hatches on your drains and check they aren't full of roots.

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