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I have a malva sylvestres which has quite a bit of rust. I have pruned out all of the affected growth which was quite a lot. I have sprayed with a fungus control spray. Is there anything I can spray on weekly to keep it in check like sodium bicarb and washing up liquid with rose blackspot.


Rust has stopped me growing hollyhocks and Malva sylvestris.

Malva moschata doesn't get rust so I grow that. I don't think there's a real cure and I weekly spraying of anything isn't where I'm going.


I've not sprayed anything in this garden, other than weeds in the drive.  


I have another look and every leaf is affected. There are a few seedlings germinated at the base so I may cut it down and allow the seedling to take over.



What we could do with is a bit of genetic engineering for these particularly virulent  plant diseases.

Expects some hackles raised.

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