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I planted this Forsythia Goldmine in August 2013. It was a nice example and quite busy and I was expecting some flowers and it to be in full leaf at this time of year. It has lost more leaves today.


Any suggestions or helpful advice.

Julie, Julie, Julie.    It's doing what it's supposed to do.  It will lose its leaves now.  The flowers appear on bare wood.  Perhaps not this year.....maybe....but certainly next year.  Lovely shrub 


It looks as though the branches on the right will flower this year.  The green branches on the left will flower in 2015.

You can cut out the flowered branches AFTER they have flowered.  In an ideal world one third of the branches that have flowered should be cut out each year to keep new branches coming.  But do not cut out branches without flowers or you are removing the next year's flowers.


Which cyclamen have you got in flower there Julie?


I agree with Verdun, it just needs time.


Thanks all, just need to be a bit more patient I guess.


The cyclamen I a mini collection I got from B&Q in Oct/Nov. The label that came with doesn't have the variety on them, just calls them a mini collection. I'me really pleased with them. They were featured on one of the last few episodes of Gardeners' world in 2013.



Looks like Cyclamen hederifolium .


I don't think it's hederifolium, they're well over and not that bright pink.

I've seen these about but I don't know what they are.



That'll be them, thank you Dove.

Alys says they're not hardy but will last into the new year. That must depend on weather. 

I'll wait (fairly) patiently for my Cyclamen coum to flower. Any time now, showing pink


I think it's a bit of a swizz selling C persicum as winter bedding - they really don't put up with very much winter weather in my experience - I'd always resisted them in the past but tried one last year in a tub in our west-facing porch - protected to the north and east and above - it turned up it's toes before Christmas 

I see some people spend quite a bit of money on buying several for tubs etc for winter colour and then think they've done something wrong when they rot. 


It is a swizz

These must be quick and cheap to propagate Dove, you never see C. coum in 6 packs at the GC.


Odd really as both Cc hederifolium and coum self propagate in my garden like weeds. Mind they do take a bit longer to reach flowering size than these mini-persicum types. In a normal winter here  those do not eve make it to the end of September!



These persicum also have bigger flowers which will go down well with the buying public.

I agree Berghill,  coum, hederifolium and now I think cilicium are reproducing like mad here. 

I may have got some sort of hybrid as well. Just the one plant, very different to anything else, silvery leaves, hederifolium shaped

Going back to forysythia folks - is it ok. to prune it at this time of the year,

as I didn't get around to it in the Autumn and it grew very tall last year?

No. Wait until after flowering.  Then prune out flowered stems and remove one or two old stems to the base


I really wouldn't prune now - you'll lose the flowers that are forming now.  

Prune out old flowered shoots when they've flowered. 

Thanks Dove - I'm so pleased I checked first!