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well I've had absolutely nothing from them! Wanted to grow them for the saffron for myself but found that calendula is quite similar in taste and smell and much easier to grow!

I shall give them to my granny who lives further south and see what she can do with them

I'm having the same problem I brought 30 saffron bulbs 3 years ago and the first year they flowered great, but in the last 2 years all iv had are plenty of foliage but no flowers, iv even put them in pots to see if that helps but to no avail, is there anyone that could help otherwise it seems such a waist, on bulbs and I don't want foliage I would like some flowers to.????


Hi JO, If they were going to flower, yes, you would have expected them by now.

I've had a few tries and once I had a few flowers. They need a well drained hot spot to flourish in the UK


You told them you hated them? you don't expect them to flower after that do you

Steve 309

Turmeric is indeed said to be good for all sorts of things.  OH has a big jar of the powder in her kitchen and has tried it fresh too with success.  AND is growing some of the roots too!  Easier than the crocuses by the look of it, but not hardy.



I've never heard the word crocus applied to those Jo.

So they're not crocus, so you needn't hate them

they still need the baking though and some are very shy-flowering.

They on my 'flower or hit the heap' list. I'm getting very stroppy in my old age.

I waddle a bit too


But they're not even in the same family

Crocus, Iridaceae

Sternbergia, Amaryllidaceae


I like the flavour of saffron in Middle Eastern dishes - there's nothing else like it. 

But you have to buy good quality saffron, and then soak it to extract the flavour.  It is a infrequent and expensive treat

Steve 309

All part of the service, Jo

Nutcutlet...........your mention of Gold Street rang a bell.  My OH's business used to be based on that street.........sad to say the gold never really rubbed off on us

We lived at Catmere End......just outside Saffron Walden.  Small world


Small world indeed Philippa.  I know Catmere End. I know most of the villages in that area. I've lived in Great Chesterford and Rickling Green as well as Saffron Walden

Sorry the gold didn't rub off

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