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For some reason I cannot seem to grow sage, which is a shame because it is so tasty. When we lived in Dorset, I tried it in sandy soil in the ground but to no avail. Now that we haved moved to Devon, the herbs are in pots. The new sage plant is in a good size clay pot and in a mixture of multi purpose and lots of horti grit. But it has died back a lot, to the point of there being no usable leaves left.

Please help. Thanks.


Hello Bulleyana- You say your  new Sage plant is in a good sized pot - I am thinking that if the plant is a new one maybe the pot is too big  to start it growing well ? I usually pot new plants into the next size and grow them on a bit befroe going to the next size - if this makes sense  The only other thing I can think of is where the pot is - Sages do like the sunshine - when we get any that is

Pam LL x

Pottie Pam

They say sage only grows where the woman rules the household. 


That's why mine is thriving then Pam.

I have got one in a smallish pot with good drainage, but in a sunny position, and it really has done well this year, despite all the rain we've had.


Pennine Petal
Is the pot on a stand,or feet, so that the water drains?


hollie hock

maybe that what's my clary sage has grown so well- never grown it before, very strange plant but lovely and grows in my partial shade, heavy soil.


The pot is standing on gravel which in turn has a weed preventative membrane under it.

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