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I have 6 Flamingo trees planted planted between roses in my front garden and have done well over the last 7 years but one tree this year has stil not come into leaf and the stems and buds look red and brittle.  Is it diseased? will it come back to life?  The soil is a good mix, they get good sunlight. I live in the South East.  Please help. 


Sounds dead to me Esther. These trees have so little chlorophyll I can't see how they survive at all. They always look sick.

Needs feeding in early spring, these plants look great. Cut back in the autumn not to servere.  Move away the roses.

I will post a picture of my salix Flamingo go with,show how magnificent this plant is.  I love it.  Most people like agree wih rosesru. 

Esther, it doesn't sound good but I had one in a dry spot that looked sorry for itself.  A regime of generous  watering for a week recovered it well.  So, try thaf Esther.  Check stems for signs of life ....any green if you scratch with your nails?  

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