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Hi, health and safety being what it is the caretaker is not allowed to use a weedkiller to spray the weeds erupting at the base of the school buildings. I have read that salt can be applied to the centre of weeds and it will kill them. I have also read that you can spray weeds with vinegar and that will kill them. Does anyone have any experience of these methods or suggest anthing else that will work. Thanks


I use boiling water on weeds on my patio, It kills them off but has to be applied every 6 weeks. I have tried salt on dandelions on the lawn but it has to be a hot few days.

Alina W

I've not found either to work well on larger weeds. Geoff's weed gun and Kate's boiling water are far more effective, although perennial weeds will come back.


Vinegar definitely works, I used it at the allotment last week - got the idea from facebook. Excellent for killing grass, marestail ( crush first ) and dandy's, worked over night on these. Bindweed and docks not so good.

I would buy in catering size bottles as it has to be applied undiluted and use a 5ltr plus pressure sprayer. I bought 4 bottles of smartprice at 23p each and it took 5 mins to empty all bottles, even with the sprayer its surprising how fast it disappears.

Hmmm....never thought about using salt, think I might cut back them docks, mash whats left with a driver and pour some ontop. They are impossible to dig up, now.




Will vinegar work on russian vine

There is a Russian vine on waste ground behind my house that is climbing into my tree and making it look awful not to mention what it is dong to the fence! What can I use to to link kit?


Salt is a deadly poison. Not only will it kill your weeds it will kill any other plant you put in there. And it will kill all the micro organisms that live in the soil and help to keep it healthy. Salt and vinegar on fish and chips only.

If the Russian vine is on waste ground, Toops, I'd climb over the fence and dig it up. Problem solved for ever.

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