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Rose lady

To all you Salvia experts out there...

yesterday I moved my salvia from my very rocky gravely herb garden to my rose bed inorder to surround the roses. When I did manage to uproot it, I found only a few strands of root, and the root ball was very small. Will it grow as well as it did in my herb garden??

i've attached a photo to show you the variety.

Many thanks!!!!


Rose lady

Im sorry about the upside down photo. It was the right way up when uploaded


Sorry Rose can't get picture.  Do you know the variety?  So mamy types of salvia....and I grow,many varieties.  Some move well some dont

Is it a hardy type, surviving the winter?  Is it a microphylla type bushy with pink or red or purple flowers?  Often these do have roots that spread far and wide and, yes, the rootball itself is quite small.  If this variety I would it to the ground.  It will regrow quickly and flower soon too.  

Rose lady

Hi Verdun. Thank you for the reply

Yes it is the hardy type, and its called Salvia Sylvestris ' mainacht'. It is a neat clump-forming it says on the tin.

Fingers crossed, will keep a close eye on it.



Hiya Ross lady

Thats hardy type.  It's not a big root system salvia so it's usually easy to dig up.  It will grow better in your rose garden I,suspect.  I find these  salvias don't like it too,dry.  

Cur flowers off.  Slightly concerned ??ou haven't got root ball properly transplanted.  

Rose lady

Thank you Verdun. I inspected it a lot today, and it seems happy in the rose garden.

If it doesn't survive, then i'll start again.

Enjoy your weekend. Weather looks very promising


Thanks rose.  Enjoy the hot weekend

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