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Can anybody with lawn expertise give me some advice please.

I have two dogs who have ruined my grass by constantly running around and playing. How can I save the lawn so my children can use it and so I can have an aesthetically pleasing view from the kitchen.

I have clay soil and it has been really wet this winter resulting in lots of muddy paws

 The green bit at the bottom is artificial lawn left over from my parents garden. This is not an option,neither is turf.

Cotty,,no magical solution I'm afraid. 

when wet and muddy can't you keep your dogs off the grass?

i would over seed with dwarf rye....tough everyday use mixture....and don't cut too short.

I used to keep a friend's lawn...well, grass really.....cut high and it always remained green.  Over past year a muppet who now cuts it has done so by scalping it.  The result is mud and very weak grass.

why do so many cut their grass too short?  They believe it means less mowing but it also means poor quality grass 


Hi Cotty, we also have clay soil and go through the same thing every winter with a exuberant dalmatian.  The grass does seem to recover for summer and ditto Verdun on the mowing high.  It also means that any patches you do have are not as visible until you are in a position re seed etc. 

Good luck 



You'll have to make a choice - either no dogs on it, or allot them a space to run on. If you can't do that or don't want to do that, it's the usual process of improving drainage and  re seeding  as Verdun says, coupled with the correct cutting advice he mentions. 

We've had a really wet Winter. I've got two chickens on the lawn that I move around, and I'm also on clay. Mine is a quagmire too. Every year I scarify, aerate and level with sharp sand, but I'm still in the same position as you. So, I suppose what I'm saying is, you can do all you like, but if we have a really wet Winter like we have, you will still probably end up with a mess.


Agree with all above comments but aerate the lawn , if properly done, will improve the overall drainage and air to the grass roots, this will stimulate new growth. Reseed after this process and remove excess traffic to the lawn surface. Hopefully, this will give you a fighting chance 

What we are thinking of doing is forking the lawn and spreading sand and possibly lawn  fertiliser into it,then re-seed with the dogs off the grass.

Does this sound right?

Sounds good cotty 


We have chickens . Gave up on the lawn . And now have .. dare  I say it . Plastic  grass and it looks a treat

We always keep the dogs off the grass take them for extra walks, haven't got any children anymore grown up. But you will have to choose which you want

nothing quite like a lawn.....restful, relaxing green,  wonderful smell when cut, sets everything off, lovely to sit on and play on.  

A garden without grass is missing so much 

I would sooner have meadow, or more garden but husband insists we keep lawn for the kids. Pesky kids!



Still got front lawn  Verdun. How's the weather there heat wave again ???? lol

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