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 I have just found these on my gooseberry bush, i have looked over it very carefully and removed some leaves with them on and squished a few, they are on random leaves not really in the middle of the bush and there are none on the blackcurrant

do you think they are sawfly or something else


little-ann they look similar but a bit greyer and darker heads, but someone here will be able to ifentify them I'm sure. There may be a sawfly that's particular to gooseberries so that may be it. Is there a lot of damage to your foliage or is it a bit early?


no its not so bad i hope i caught them in time to stop so much damage, i will be doing a check every morning.

we live in a very windy spot and i understood the gooseberry sawfly didnt like to be exposed to wind thats why im not sure, but its my first year with gooseberrys although i have grown lot of other fruit


Yes, they are Gooseberry sawfly larvae without a doubt.  Good job you spotted them early.  The windy conditions may also be helping to keep their numbers down for you.  Keep an eye on them!


thanks Bob i will keep a look out

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