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Hi, when harvesting my crop about 20% had scabs and/or holes in so how do i clean the soil for next year and can i grow anything now does any soul know? 


The holes are probably made by keeled slugs which are impossible to eradicate unless you really poison the soil. Anti-slug nematodes ight work, but no experience of them.

The scabbiness is caused by having to much lime in the soil, If you are in a naturally lime area then nothing much you can do except add lots of organic material. Grow naturally resistant to scab tubers.

Getting a bit late for planting much now, maybe spring cabbages?


Hi Berghill. 

Ah so i'm damned to pots then, yes we have very limey soil in Hampshire so i guess i'll add even more manure and compost and try other varieties.

Thank you for replying. 

Happy gardening.

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