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I have recently bought a property with a north west facing balcony.

I am after a scented climber to go on a west south facing wall. There is a balcony above mine creating some shade.


The plant needs to be able to thrive in a pot suitable for a balcony and hopefully benefit wildlife.

Any suggestions will be greatly received.


Regards Robert


There is a new Jasmine called "Clotted Cream" that may fit the bill rather well.  The flowers are bigger than  the common Jasmine, and it should be fine grown in a pot.  I would make sure the pot is as large as possible and maybe grow climbing annuals from seed to add a little colour in the summer.

Honeysuckle would probably be happy in that situation too.

Tracalospermum jasminoides is a lovely evergreen twining climber which would be another idea. They are expensive to buy but well worth it. The flowers are white, elongated bells in clusters and heavily scented. There is a variegated leaved one but it is hsyer to flower.

Sorry about the name but I do not know if it has a garden name. You will need to feed and top up the container regulary, and if really cold weather is forecast, wrap the pot in bubble wrap to prevent the roots of whichever plant you choose from being  frozen.

Thank you for all three of your suggestions. I will bare all 3 in mind them and run them past "OC House" 


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