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How do i get seeds from my plants so i can grow them next year or will they start again?

At the moment the leafs  look scriviled up and the flowers heads are brown.



Use a thick glove and a pair of secateurs to detach the seed head when it starts to go "fluffy".   Holding the head in one hand, use the handle of a spoon to run around the inside of the head. The seeds will drop out.

 if you do nothing you will find them coming up all over the  place for years.

Thank you.

Isnt that a weed?


A weed is a plant in the wrong place. Its a british wild flower.

Quite magnificent as a statement piece.


And in the Middle Ages the fibres from the seedheads was used to stuff pillows and the oil from the seeds was used to light lamps. 

So however bad things seem, they could be worse....


I don't know which is worse when it comes to removal, this one or Silybum marianum. 

Erygium giganteum has some painful pointy bits as well. Remember that you people I've just sent seed to

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