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Hello, this is my first post here. We are looking for advice. We are struggling to find something suitable to plant next to an unsightly building adjacent to our garden. Currently, there are some laurel bushes, but they don't look to have done too well. They are planted close to the concrete foundations of the building, and in very wet soil. Our research around various websites suggests these conditions aren't ideal.

We are considering what to plant there instead. First thoughts were photinia red robin, hornbeam or some sort of willow. We are concerned the willow roots might interfere with the septic tank at the bottom of the garden though.

We are most likely limited as to what we can plant there, as the soil is very wet (often waterlogged). 

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance. 


The coloured stemmed dogwoods are OK in wet soil. How far away is the septic tank? Willows won't have far reaching roots if you grow them as a coppiced hedge, the top balances the bottom.

Alder will grow in wet (same treatment) and I think hazel, though I haven't grown it wet

so if we were growing a tall thin willow screen (viminalis), the roots would probably not go far sideways?


I think you'd be OK if you don't let them develop into big trees. I don't think they make enormous trees do they?  There are weeping willows not far from our tank, less than 30 feet and no problems so far. The trees are probably 60+ years old same as the house, they've been pollarded from time to time but they're big. 

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