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Red D, you will have to drill larger holes for drainage and I suggest drilling them all over, not just in the centre if the pi....k who made the deck did not allow for water to exit. I'm quite happy with the way my oil tank is 'hidden', my little conservatory is a utility /drying clothes space and sometimes coffee in the morning. But the oil tank at the start of this thread is a big thug badly positioned and I can see it must be annoying.

Can you make a lightweight screen out of split willow /bamboo panels and hide it that way? Then any planting is just a bonus against the backdrop? I've used it and it just staplegun's onto timber - very very lightweight and easy to cut to size. You could hinge one panel to allow easy access...


RD, sorry didn't mean to be unkind; I'm sure amongst all the brilliant people here you will find a solution. I like Aunt Betty's idea, or you could use wattle. I hide the white metal bridge at the end of my garden with split bamboo which you buy wired together; it has lasted about 4 years and looks set to last for another 3 or 4.

I have my thinking cap on with some if these ideas, it is badly positioned as takes prime view from in conservatory and in garden. It's nagging at die so I think I will have to do something. 


I like the idea of clematis up v shaped trellis so 2 of us could lift. But this won't solve the prob in winter!!



There is another solution, which I have seen in trade Design mags, especially for contract work i.e. Hotels etc. You make a sturdy trough and you put castors underneath so it can be moved; modern plastic castors, about 8 or 10 of them. You put good compost in the trough and plant a hedge. Other people on this forum could advise you about what is evergreen and fairly shallow rooted.

Like that idea. I think I need to searcfruit an around the year plant then I will be ok. I don't have enough space or tubs to have summer and winter cover plants. 


So anyone know of an easy all year round climber. That is pretty in summer and winter??

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