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Hi everyone, not quite sure what to do for the best ie., for some temporary screening.

Fed up of being a goldfish!! Planted some shrubs but they'll take too long. Anyone ever had synthetic hedgeing?? Or could you recommend something temporary please.

I really want to relax in the sun, but people walk past and neighbours can see me. It's cos my main garden is the front! HELP PLEASE. Many thanks

Beaus Mum

Pending the style of your garden and your budget, ideas could be bark screening on a roll? Pretty wind breakers like you have on the beach? how temporary do you mean or would it be best to go for perm solution as better cost wise in the long run?

Bit late to try and grow quick annual climbers now but if you install some fencing/trellis even without plants at present, it would give you some privacy.

Once you have that in place, you can then start to think about the plants to grow up the screen........come the Autumn, you should be able to plant and can then look forward to your privacy next year. 

If you post photos of the area you are concerned with, I'm sure there will be lots of advice which you can consider

Thank you both of you.......temp would be til next year, as I have planted photinia, laurel and copper beech.

yes May get trellis but I'm very exposed. Did think of a wind break (green) that builders use, what do u think??


You could try reed or bamboo screening - it only lasts a few years but is cheap (2m x 4m roll about 20 quid.)



Or just provide a spectacular plant which will distract their attention? The reed or bamboo screening may be a bit cheaper than mentioned above at places like Wilkinsons. I have a similar problem in that my whole garden is sideways onto the road. Luckily my little terrace is lower than the road, but still slightly visible.

Thank you so much for  your suggestions.

what a beautiful flower on your profile Bob, is it a clematis?


Hope Bob doesn't mind me popping in and saying that his picture is an aquilegia 

Oh.....very pretty


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