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has anyone used seaweed to improve their soil?  Do you dry it out, shred it, or just let it breakdown  naturally?

I have used seaweed for years. It's the best soil conditioner you can get. There are all sorts of "warnings" etc about its use but I used it in bulk, freshly piled on veg patch and around all my plants. Can't get it now but I covered ground in autumn and allowed winter rains to wash it off. It is a great slug deterrent....salt and texture......and plants love it. It breaks down in the spring and provides lovely tilth seed sowing time. Some crops, ESP Beetroot, almost demand it, being a maritime veg. If you can get it then do so. The only proviso might be using it on azaleas etc but I had no problems. No, don't shred, dry out or waste on compost heap. Use it as is

hi blair,this is a question often asked dove  and verdun are spot on ,high tides bad weather so it gets washed up the beech and Dont forget to tie the bags tight if transporting in a car or sand hoppers will invade your vehicle ,the seaweed is the best and free

go 4 it Alan4711

I used seaweed for the first time on my allotment this year. I had it sealed in a black bin bag for a few months. It stank to high heaven when I went to use it. I forked it in well so I'm hoping it will do good for my veges.


Alan4711, you're right about the sand hoppers. My car was full of them. Lindsay, it's not best way to keep it in tied sealed sack though. I can imagine the smell!

I use seaweed in all manners of ways. When fresh from the beach it's used as a mulch in pots, it dries out quickly, goes black and doesn't smell. I cut it up so it goes further as some of my pots are quite small.

I've also dug it into veg beds and into the GH bed, tomartoes love it, as do potatoes. Depending on the weather it breaks down fairly quickly.

You can also make a liquid feed from seaweed. I tie up a couple of bags, punch holes in the bags and immerse in water for about six weeks. It can then be bottled up and diluted down with water whenready to use. I use it on stuff you would usually use tom feed on. 

The soggy stuff left in the bags does smell but spread on your beds and dug in stops it smelling and enriches the soil. 

You can also use the liquid as an organic spray against slugs and snails but need to start spraying about March time before any infestations set in. It may even deter other pests. I don't think it kills pests, just puts them off eating the stuff sprayed.           

flowering rose

yes,I get some every time I go to the sea side,just a small bag not a cart load.I bring it back and soak it in a bucket of water to make a feed (it has everything you need ) and drain it off in a container using 50mls to the gallon of water(from butt) and the left overs  I chuck on the soil and let it decompose on its own and yes its good .

Great, I have had a big problem with slugs and the soil needs conditioning.  Collected seaweed from the beach last night with the girls whilst flying kites.  Great fun had by all and beneficial to our allotment too.  A great way to spend time after school is out, good exercise, a little learning exercise and recycling.

Isn't the salt a problem?

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