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Hello everybody. I've recently seen a shed called Daylight Secure advertised in the back of the Gardener's World, and it's featured in this month's RHS magazine too-

The Shed For Gardeners | Brodco – Innovative Garden Products

Having called them last week to ask a few questions I'm quite keen on one, but it is a lot of money to spend without seeing one first. I was wondering if anybody has bought one, and what their opinion is of it?

Please help!  


Hi Dave, they look good dont they, a friend of mine has 3 of them,the problem we both found was  with shed ,garage etc security is as we all know, as a  lock only stops an honest man,iv just had an approach light fitted to the garage that need not wake the neighbourhood as i can point it almost as close to the actual doors as i want ,i will do the same for the new shed when we get it,pointed a little high so animals dont activate it, yes we think they work well,  good luck Dave 

Duncan Blackwell

Like Alan said, If they want in, they get in.

I have a wooden shed which I built from scratch, the hinges are hidden away behind the lapped timber and I used round head bolts attached inside so there is no chance of anyone using a spanner. A good lock is also only as good as the bracket its attached to.


If they are so expensive, it might be worth just buying a cheaper shed and fortifying it and saving lots of cash


plus I think they look like a Tardis toilet


Hey, I've never seen a Tardis toilet - fascinating idea ……..

Is all that security necessary and worth the cost for what you plan to store in there. 



Duncan Blackwell
Bookertoo, you gotta be kidding me?

They are literally a toilet that looks like a toilet, not very nice!!
Duncan Blackwell
Bookertoo, you gotta be kidding me?

They are literally a toilet that looks like a tardis,not very nice!!

Sounds very odd indeed, but as I've not seen one I find it hard to imagine - I loved the Tardis and hoped that the loo looked like the police box - but from your reaction I guess not!!

At £1700 for the 8x6 they need to be good. Get a good wooden one and spend the difference on a good lock. I'd only have one if I could hide it somewhere!


I would be worried that the whole shed plus contents would be nicked at that price.

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