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hollie hock

I aquired a sedum from the seed swap last year, over wintered it in a pot outside. It grew another shoot and then I planted it a partial shady spot and the little shoot withered and died, the larger one looked poorly and something was starting to munch it.

I've dug it up and replanted it in a large pot with good drainage and it's in a warm and sunny spot now. The lower leaves are wilting but they were before.

I might have a been a bit eager to shift into it's new position so I'm thinking possible shock ? The top bit is looking ok.

Thanks for any advice,been nuturing this one and am hoping for a good source of nectar bees later on in the year

Couple of problems there Hollie 

shady spot is a big no.....they will hate that.  As much sun as possible and in poor soil.

snails love sedums.....check at night for them 

hollie hock

I think I might have planted it in the wrong spot first of all so maybe that why it's complaining.  It's an Autumn joy one I think Tetley. It''s new spot is very sunny and warm I think I will leave it as it is and just keep an eye on it.

Yum yum tetley . You too?  But toast has to be burnt black, cold with thick butter 

hollie hock

Pleased to report that all my sedum needed was a more sunnier spot. Looks loads happier and there's lots of new shoots and leaves growing. Excellent I think I will have flowers for the bees this year as planned.

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