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Some of the stems of my  Sedum Purple Emperor seems to be collapsing due to the wet weather. The thick fleshy leaves are going soft and the stems turning brown. Would it be best to a) cut all the stems back in the hope new foliage starts to grow and forfeit the flowers or b) should I just cut back the affected stems.


Check the base of the plant as I have problems with vine weevil grubs eating the roots of my sedums


mine have done that this year.. all my cuttings.. a put it down to too much rain.. as they are outide..  i cut off effected leaves etc. but still grew back the same.. i have given up.. noticed other day that some have got new shoots down the base line..

i am sure it is wet weather as they hate it..

Willow planter, can you search the soil at the base to see if vine weevils are there? You can still use nematodes or Provado vine weevil killer. Cutting sedums back late spring is good practice.......for me make them sturdy. This year I cut one variety back a bit late in the year but flowers are already forming. I wouldn't cut back now though

Thanks for all replies. Forgot about the dreaded vine weevil so I had a good look but thankfully no sign and lots of good strong roots and I can see some new growth in the centre of the plant so I am going with the wet weather option. Just have to hope for some Autumn sunshine!!


flowering rose

I have some that flop and what I do is to stake them up if one can if not cut them back,they soon grow back and flower a little later.

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