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I have holes in my sedum leaf, I did think it may be wine veevil, what do you experts think.  I did buy a salution off the internet , used that a couple of weeks ago to try and stop the distruction, it doesn't seem to have got worse.  Of course the leaves that are damaged will no doubt have to stay for now.  Sorry but know nothing about sedums or much about anything that grows.  The plant was given to me for our new border by a friend so want to give it some TLC, are they hardy and what do I need to do to look after it.  A piece broke off so I cut it up and stuck! it in the garden and amazed to say the pieces have grown but need a bit of guidences on care.  regards Chris



Can you post a picture so we know whast sort of sedum it is, also a pic of the damage so we can see whether it's vine weevil or something else - or at least take an educated guess 


Ha ha

wine veevil it must be my age or typing or could be the wine.  


 Back to the bottle.  regards Chris


I think that's snail damage, maybe slugs too.  Look underneath the leaves, you may find them lurking there, or hiding out under other plants, between pots in shady places.  They come out at night and rasp holes in your sedum leaves with their rough mouth parts.  

I would get some coarse grit and mulch under and around your sedums with this - the slugs and snails won't like it - and it will last much longer than any pellets which have to be renewed every time it rains.

Those sedums will be gorgeous when they burst into fllower in a little while, and butterflies and bees will love them.  You won't notice the holes in the leaves then 

Pennine Petal
I agree, they don't generally do a huge amount of damage on them though.


Hiya chris9. They look like snail damage to me. Sedums are so easy to grow, the are ver hardy and they grow vigorously. Cuttings too are so easy. I always cut mine back mid spring because they can get very leggy. ,use the cuts pieces for cuttings and the plants will grow more sturdily for cutting back. At this time of the year sedums will be smothered in flower and the,leaves wont be seen so much

And just to add, Vine weevil adults eat cicular holes in the edges of the leaves, not in the middle like that.


I've just watered my  big border with a Nematode solution to get the dratted vine weevils   They're chomping their way through my primulas, rambling roses, alchemilla and honeysuckles 


Thanks again for all great advice.  I used a Nematode salution about 3 weeks ago but the damaged was already done. I will use some pellets but save up some egg shells in the future. 

Thanks again



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