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hi ,has anyone got any tips for sowing seeds in this cold weather


Which seeds?-not all need heat anyway


I always sow them indoors at the moment and move out later its too cold on a night at the moment. Just pop on the window sill in a propagator.

to plant are seeds i want to sow are beetroot , spring onions , radish, lettuce



They do not need heat-it probably says that on the seed packet-in fact lettuce will not germinate if it gets too warm

Sow the seed in a cold greenhouse-or outside now

chilli lover

cj - I've recently done beetroot, spring onions and lettuce in the greenhouse (unheated). Good luck

Wendy treehugger


I sow flower seeds indoors.In my dining room (my family love me lol)

I have afew plastic greenhouses but going to use them for hardening off as it is so cold still. 

I have recently successfully germinated flower seedlings Pansys, Aubrietia, cosmos,Petunia,sweet william,coleus,Dahlia,Livingstone Daisy,Antirrhinum, and alot more using trays and plastic covering .

In my south facing dining room. I was terrified at first that they wouldnt germinate but they did and I am delighted.

I am sowing veg seeds outsside in unheated plastic greenhouse, a case of fingers crossed as it is so cold.

I also made seed trays out of everything I could find remembering to put drainage holes in them all. I cant afford to buy heat mats etc so i kept it basic.


 Best of luck xxx

Miss Becks

You do exactly as I do Wendy!! That last picture looks like the contents of one of my spare recycling boxes. I keep them all, 'just in case'.

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