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Debbie 11, don't forget to add lots of grit into your lovely clay soil - it opens it up and allows drainage.  One it gets going there is no better soil for growing  things in, but it is hard work to start with. 


my agauilegia seeds have not yet showed signs of growing..this year has been the hardest i have found for growing them.. think the on off cold/warm weather does not help.

i start them all of in the  spare bedroom.. so warm, light and even all round conditions.. but not good.. only the redbeckias and nicotina did the best even my cosmos were hard work this year.. and normally  they are easy and trouble free. my geraniums both standard and trailing have been ok too.. once the warm weather got here they took off.

onions.. sown 3 lots and only some of the 2nd lot are now sprouting.. peas, beans etc did well.. the broc and sprouts only got half of sown grow..

a strange year for it i think..

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