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I have been growing my flowers using the same method for years. Sowing seeds in pots, placing on window sills .then transplanting into trays when seedlings are large enough. The only seeds that i can get to germinate this year are Morning Glory. Any thoughts at what I am doing wrong? Thanks.


What are the seeds that aren't germinating?

Dove, they are Nicotiana, Asters, Antirrhinum. Cosmos and an few others.


Could it be the compost? I used B&Q Verve last year and had the same problem,nothing grew.


Compost would be the obvious answer if you're not doing anything differently. Some of them last year were particularly poor. Are there any other factors you've changed in any way Eddie -  the amounts of heat/light for instance?  


Did you collect the seeds yourself or buy them in?  I have  found bought in seeds are giving me spasmodic germination, I often wonder how old they are!

I buy my seeds in. Have bought two different types of compost Petersfield multi purpose and John Innes soil based. I will try again and see what happens.
































































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