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If I cut the plant hard back will it over winter and come back next spring?


If you cut it back now you may get a second flush of flowers but it will not over-winter


I bought one of these from a small independent nursery, and was advised to cut it back for a second flush of flowers - but they also suggested i bring it indoors or keep it in a greenhouse over the winter as they thought it might come back next year!

I can only wait and see what happens - nothing ventured nothing gained!

Thanks for your replies I will try cutting the plants back and take my chance

I took cuttings of mine last year and managed to keep two plants.  They are doing really well.   Watch out for mildew though, I lost 4 plants to that.



Hey AuntieMand...Can you describe how you managed to take cuttings?

Sorry I've not repied before.

Hi Stoorty

At the end of the season I simply took cuttings of shoots with no flowers / buds.   Deleafed and shortened.   Stuck them round the edge of a pot and popped them in my utility room.   Last year i managed to take two into the summer, this year 4 have survived over winter.   The ones I lost were either because they just didn't root or got some mildew.   They were actually in the same pots as my geranium and lobelia cuttings.   I try all sorts (I have about 30 ox eye daisies that I didnt thing would take, but they have), some work some don't but you never know til you give it a go.

Sorry my reply wasn't cleverer!

I bought a magenta bicolour from was an outstanding plant full of flowers and looked magnificent...but within three months was devastated by something which ate most of it I am now left with a bare stalk...I could not find any trace of slugs etc anyone got any ideas about what are there worst enemies....

I think it's the heat.mi had the same thing and from what I've read when the summer temperatures come it dies. I had a second and third flowering. The third was after I moved it from prime position into the shade.

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