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I have a shady area underneath my bamboo, for which I would like some planting.  However, I don't want the same old boring choices that books and magazines come up with.  Is there anything of interest I can choose?  Ideally I would like something with colour and interest, maybe even with a flower.  Any ideas??


Not a lot would grow under my bamboo. Even the weeds have given up

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have just dug a new bed on the north side of some large shrubs, and which is more or less in permanent shade. I have planted up with a mix of pulmonarias, erythroniums( dog tooth violets) and trilliums. I have mulched with leaf mould compost and it looks both natural and colourful. Right plants, right place  and I shall be buying some more trilliums at the Malvern Show this week to complete my new bed.

Try geranium Russell Pritchard or Wargrave pink.  Both are good in poor soil or in difficult places and flower all summer on near evergreen foliage

However if your soil is reasonable geranium Orion or jolly bee....Roxane...with blue flower would look  good too.

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