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Orchid Lady
Next to my greenhouse I have a shed and next to that is my veg patch, which has a picket fence round. My question is, behind the shed there is some soil so I could use it for planting, I was going to plant potatoes there and have the tubs ready but have read they need full light. So, what are your thoughts, put potatoes there or would you suggest something else and if so what....what doesn't mind the shade too much (fruit and veg not flowers)??
The motto I heard was that anything where you eat free fruit or root needs sun. But if we aeg the leaves, stem or buds then you can get away with partial shade.
Orchid Lady
So I could put some lettuce in there, or maybe my sprouts??

Tracey, it depends on how much light you get there.

Lettuce and rhubarb spring to mind.  For rhubarb though you need to get plenty of compost, manure, etc into the soil.  


Rocket will grow there, if it gets too hot/dry it bolts.


Orchid Lady
I was going to grow spuds there Dave but have read they need full sun. There is quite a lot of light there just shade from the shed and hedge, none from the greenhouse as the light will shine through.

Mrs G, now I know what has happened to the rocket on the 3 times I have tried growing it, in fact I have had NO success with lettuce at all and am going to grow it in pots this year (or try to).

Verdun, I already have a well established rhubarb that I inherited when we moved in so I left it where it was. Should I try moving it.

Decisions decisions!!
My hubbies has reminded me that we grew potatoes and runner beans quite successfully at our old house and the garden there was quite shady
Orchid Lady
I think I am going to stick with plan A for this year and grow the spuds, if they don't work I will change it next year. I will have some spare space though so am also going to try lettuce and rocket, in pots, there too. Thanks all.

Tracey, I grew loads of fruit and veg in pots in 2011. I had lettuce and peas in guttering, sweet corn, beetroot, strawbs, raspberries, carrots, celeriac, herbs, beans, radish and rhubarb. Oh, and blackcurrants. Harvests were amazing! Although, I did get a bit bored of it, hence loving flowers now! 

Orchid Lady
In guttering, fab idea thank you.

My only concern would be if it's too enclosed and the potatoes don't get enough air-flow moving around them it might encourage blight - but give it a go and see 

Orchid Lady
It's not that enclosed, maybe about 5m x 2m space and weeds grow, if that's any indication? 3 of the 4 sides are protected from too much wind, by the greenhouse / shed / fence, but whether this will restrict the airflow too much I don't know.

No-one has commented in moving at he rhubarb, any thoughts in that from anyone? Presumably my other fruit bushes wouldn't do well there as Chrissie said they needed light.


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